was born to break with the past, with the 80's cerimonies movies and all that products that still today seems to be used as the standard. We put together Direction, sound designing, new technologies and kilos of new ideas to make always work the product you are looking for. Yes, we are a StartUp, but we look forward to make amazing expirience and brand new looking products for our customers.

Recent works

  • Johannes Spot Ita
  • New York City

    New York City - Behind the window


    NYC - Behind the window from Kipara Production on Vimeo.

    Describing New York City

    Music by
    Wim Martens - Often a Bird
    All the rights are reserved to their respective owner.
    Music is for describing purpose only.

  • Wedding - Yajaida e Valentino

    Belle Epoque Bobino


    Yajaida e Valentino WEDDING - 07.08.15

    Richiesta del cliente: un video che non annoi, svincolato dal classico format.

  • Videointerview DoveVivo
  • ExecutiveG - Trailer season 2014/2015



    A promo Trailer for ExecutiveG show. Every Thuesday @BobinoClub.
    For more info go to

  • Claudio Di Rocco - Party @BobinoClub

    Claudio di Rocco Party Bobino


    Take a look to this crazy party @ BobinoClub Milano, Claudio DiRocco famous DJ burning EP's and people partying hard!
    Check this out!


  • Bobino Video Reel

    Bobino Video Reel


    Video Reel per sito ufficiale del Bobino e social network.

    Video Reel for Bobino's official website and social networks.

    Per maggiori informazioni/For more informations please visit:

  • Belle Epoque Trailer

    Belle Epoque Bobino


    The 1890's is back, come and welcome the new year in Belle Epoque style!
    More info at

Our best services


Kipara can make a movie for any idea you have, even for ideas you don't have.


Kipara also offer photos services: Still life for a website, partys, conference, business, cerimonies, concerts and much more!


Movies and photos are edited with last tasting color grading and technologies giving a total new look to your product.

After a brief with the customer we are able to customize the video project to have always a new cinematic point of view Film.

We use the last technologies in media recording and Video Editing. Hardware and Software are always up to date to let the customers experiences be at the top.

Kipara works on

Short film, promo Trailers and more...

A video trailer is the best way to vehicle your message through Social Networks, Messaging apps or Website. Make a trailer to show your business, your product or the party that is coming is the best way to make people understand you advertising message.

Party and Events

Your son's 5th year birthday, the pool party at the 18th or the business aperitivo with conference. Don't miss a chance to impress your memories into a digital, beautiful and touching movie.

Wedding and Cerimonies

Kipara was born also to break into the classic 80's wedding movies. The era of multicam and aereal shoots has come. Be ready.

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